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We just got back from Gamestop after trying and failing to find ddr mats.

The sales guy spent ten minutes quizzing zimothy on how well she knew bioshock after she started looking at the bioshock2 game for purchase before basically telling her that all the reasons she listed were wrong and she didn’t actually understand the game and all this crap and we just figured he was trying to up sell some other game but no

He just wanted to tell us, at length, that he thought zimothy was a fake geek girl who had no actual opinion on a fucking game she has played so often she could probably give me a verbal walkthrough at any time

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    Part of the reason why I hate gamestop.
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    As a big daddy, I would’ve body slammed this turd while zimothy used his body as a DDR mat.
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    Well that may have nothing to do with your weight. If I say the same “I’m just looking around” they’ll leave me alone...
  6. lexicalsanctuary said: My best friend and boyfriend have both worked for Gamestop. One of the old managers asked them if they knew any “hot” girls they could hire to get more reserves and subs from.
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    I get ignored. Because I’m fat and dress nice. “Can I help you find anything, miss?” Me: “Nah, I’m just browsing at the...
  8. devengreves said: Whaaat wow I read anecdotal stuff about girls being attacked for being “fake geeks” but I never REALLY thought it happened. :U
  9. guemoza said: Fuck him.
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    What a DICK. I feel lucky that my local Gamestop is full of super cool dudes. They actually assumed I was a gamer...
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    Homytits. If anyone ever told me I was a fake geek girl. -_-‘ I still whip out sega genesis, ps1 and old pc games and...
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    I would try to find out his name and report him to corporate. He’s singling customers out based on their gender and then...
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    his name was Kaidan or Kaiden idr but i know that because Mass Effect has a character with the same name. it won’t do...
  16. rosestripedsuit said: wooooow on the asshole at the game shop. Um, I think Walmart actually has DDR mats if I’m remembering right. Or knockoffs that work for the game anyway
  17. queenofthebadgers said: Wow. What the hell? Last time I was at Gamestop the person was like super nice and helped me pick out Dragon Age. Then again, it was a girl. Not sure if that makes a difference.
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    :| wtf
  19. angelicdiaspora said: I hope you told that guy to go fuck himself, and then told his manager that was the exact opposite of the type of salesperson anyone should want to hire.
  20. akiglancy said: please tell me you stabbed him in the kidneys