Tired As Hell And Full of Sass
Welcome! Kickingshoes are twin sisters; Kicks, who draws and Shoes, who colors.
This blog will mostly be full of our own illustrations, rants and fanart.
Expect to see a lot of Teen Wolf and Tolkien <3 Read our webcomic, WISHBONES, on Tapastic!

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New prints up in our shop <3 We personally have a couple of the larger ones and they look awesome!

Also up in the shop is a THREE FOOT LONG Hobbit Lineup poster! You can see all the little details we put into it at this size, from their belt buckles to the sparkle on Gandalf’s magic scarf. Definitely one of our faves.

12in ruler for size comparison (sorry for the crappy photo) This one is limited at 20 prints for now, so get it while you can!

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